Ductless Heat Pump Installation

Ductless Heat Pump Installation in West Palm Beach, Florida

Ductless heat pumps are a cost and energy-efficient, eco-friendly option for your residential and commercial building. Here, at Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning, we understand how your home works, and that’s why we will make sure to provide you with high-quality ductless heat pumps.

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How Ductless Heat Pumps Work?

Ductless Heat Pump Efficiency

Ductless heat pumps are practical solutions for your heating and cooling system. They are ductless, so it is convenient for you to install in and around your home. Their energy-efficient quality makes them even more lucrative.

A ductless heat pump works by taking warm air from one place and transferring it to other sites. Unlike typical heat pumps, ductless heat pumps use several indoor units to keep the same room temperature in different rooms of your place. Indoor units are placed for specific heating purposes, and with the fan attached to its indoor units, airflow is controlled.

Why Your West Florida Home Needs a Ductless Heat Pump?

There are some fantastic benefits of ductless mini-splits. Some of them are:

  • Easy installation- Normal heat pumps require tearing your walls down for insulation purposes, but ductless heat pumps do not need any tearing. You can install it by connecting it with the outside compressor, and it is ready to use.
  • Doesn’t require much space- Ductless heat pumps do not require much space as ducted pumps. Neither do you need a ducting system, nor you need to keep a considerable distance from it.
  • Lower utility cost- Ductless heat pumps will keep your bills down as they are smaller in size than traditional heat pumps. You can also create multiple zones instead of heating or cooling the whole house. Zoning with a ducted system may be expensive, but it is cheaper than ducted ones.
  • Improves air quality- Ductless mini-splits improve the air quality of your place to a great extent. It filters out dust, pollen, and other allergens and enhances a room’s air quality.
  • Eco-friendly- Ductless heat pumps are eco-friendly. Besides being energy efficient, this system leaves fewer carbon footprints in the environment.

Why People of West Palm Beach, FL Should Choose Us for Ductless Heat Pump?

Eco Friendly Ductless Heat Pump

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