Phone Outage Update in West Palm Beach, FL

We apologize to any of our customers who may have tried to reach us this week and were not able to get through. There was a phone line cut in our area and we were not immediately notified of the outage.  Rest assured, we have forwarded our phones so we can continue to provide the same quality service you'd expect from Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning.

09/24/2020 UPDATE:

Windstream is still working on the issue so we are still directing the main phone lines to cell phones.  We appreciate your patience as we wait for the phone company to make the necessary repairs.


Per Windstream this is about the outage on 09/23/2020:

Region or States impacted: FL
Description: Degraded Network Path

This is Windstream Repair regarding the higher level issue that has been affecting your services. Our Transport NOC continues to work with a field tech and the carrier to shoot fibers, check light levels, and isolate any points of failure that would cause bouces. We will follow up with additional updates as they become available.
Master TT number: INC000045126168
Next expected Update: 4 Hours

The Windstream team appreciates your patience and understanding while we resolve this issue. We will continue to send notifications until the outage has been resolved. If you have any questions, please utilize the WE Connect Portal ( or contact our customer support center.




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