Job completed for Sheryl A.

Location: Royal Palm Beach, FL

Why did the customer contact us?

Sheryl has been a valued Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning client for over 5 years. We have installed air conditioners at other homes for her in the past and maintained the air conditioner at her current home for the past 5 years. During a routine maintenance visit, our technician Al, found Shery's air conditioner had an indoor blower motor that was having a hard time starting. Al recommended getting an estimate to replace the system since it was over 10 years old and so that Sheryl could review whether it made sense to replace her aging system now or wait until it failed.

Solutions provided:

After reviewing the estimate, Sheryl decided to replace her air conditioner now rather than risk being without air during the hotter summer months. By being proactive, Sheryl got the best deal possible and was able to replace her air conditioner on a timeline that suited her needs. Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning installed a new high efficiency 2.5 ton Goodman Air Conditioner which offered Sheryl the reliability she needs at an affordable price.

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