Heater Installation & Repair Service in Boynton Beach

With over 78,000 people, Boynton Beach is the third biggest municipality in Palm Beach County. Boynton Beach residents enjoy a tropical lifestyle that includes beachfront eating, shopping, and live entertainment every day of the week. Residents do not need to drive outside the city to eat, buy, or be amused because of hundreds of restaurants, outdoor lifestyle retail malls, and a regional mall.

Even though the weather in Boynton Beach is generally tropical, the winter months can be cold enough to need the usage of a heater. When this happens, the heating and cooling professionals at Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning provide clients in Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas with high-quality heating products and services. So make sure to contact us online or call us at 561-220-6484 for good quality heater installation and repair service within your budget!

Reasons You Need a Good Heating System for Your Home.

Here are a few reasons why you need a sound heating system in your place:

  • Energy Efficiency Increases- Keeping your heating system in good working order is one of the simplest methods to increase energy efficiency.
  • Better Air Quality- Better airflow is created by a well-maintained furnace, which enhances the quality of air within your house. Regularly changing filters improve air quality by lowering the quantity of dust.
  • Cost-cutting on repairs- A good quality heater can help save money. Due to a multitude of factors, repair expenses might quickly mount. Preventative maintenance, on the other hand, is critical to saving money in the long term. 
  • Increased comfort- When your furnace is working correctly, and without problems, your entire home will feel much more comfortable. Furnace difficulties can result in various concerns, including poor air quality and an increased risk of fire. 

Trust Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning for All Your Heater Needs

When your heater begins to show symptoms of wear and tear, taking care of the problem right away can help you avoid more unpleasant, costly, and risky repairs later.  Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning has set the bar for heating and cooling solutions in Boynton Beach. Give us a call at 561-220-6484 or contact us online when you need our services to experience our award-winning service for yourself. We also provide many other services like geothermal heating unit, heating system tune-up, heater maintenance, heat pump, and many more.

Customer Reviews from Boynton Beach
Jean A. from Boynton Beach, FL

Jun 4th, 2019
Janet L. from Boynton Beach, FL

Apr 12th, 2019
The technicians always arrive timely, whether the call is scheduled or emergency. They treat you like family and never recommend a service that is not needed. My family has used them for over 20 years.
Jim M. from Boynton Beach, FL

Mar 15th, 2019
The company is very responsive to my needs, as well as coming to my needs when I have what I think might be a problem. I also enjoy our service person - Chris Storey…...Excellent! Jim Murphy
Dennis S. from Boynton Beach, FL

Mar 8th, 2019
They are always on time and very thorough. I highly recommend them!
Marie V. from Boynton Beach, FL

Jul 28th, 2018
Reliable,dependable,reasonable and responsible What more can I say they are a great company...I'm lucky I found Ewing & Ewing Air Condition service Thank you E&E AC
Ed C. from Boynton Beach, FL

Jul 19th, 2018
Good deal in installing system, plus semi-annual checkups.
Stepen S. from Boynton Beach, FL

Mar 9th, 2018
responsiveness and service
Drew S. from Boynton Beach, FL

Nov 20th, 2017
They came the day I called
Sue L from Boynton Beach, FL

Nov 15th, 2017
I gave you a five star review on Facebook sept 24
Seth K from Boynton Beach, FL

Jul 21st, 2017
Awesome! Fast! It was like 100 degrees. I called and said they already had a tech in my community and that I'd be next. Forget about one hour Air conditioning. these guys were at my house in 15 minutes, fixed a capacitor on my big outside unit and I was up and running. Amazing!
Completed Jobs from Boynton Beach
Farrah I
January 2, 2020
She decided on going with a new Rheem 2.5 Ton 16 Seer horizontal system. The customer has been extremely satisfied with the cooling capacity and lower electric bills. We love hearing these positive stories!
Martin H.
January 14, 2020
So happy to help this customer out. They installed a new Rheem 3.5 Ton 16 Seer vertical system. We also replaced their current concrete hurricane slab to a new one to fit the condenser. Strapped the unit with hurricane straps for added safety during a storm.
Adell D
January 17, 2020
Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning installed a new Rheem 3 Ton 17 Seer horizontal system. The customer was eager to control the air conditioning units thermostat directly from their new Honeywell T6 WiFi thermostat. Having an WiFi thermostat is excellent for remotely controlling the comfort in your home.
Andrea U
March 24, 2020
Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning installed a new, energy efficient 2.5 ton Rheem air conditioning system and relocated the air handler in the garage to help promote better air flow through the existing duct work. Andrea and her husband can now enjoy years of even, reliable cooling throughout their Florida home during their visits!
Robert J
February 18, 2020
After reviewing his quote, Robert decided to have Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning replace his older air conditioning system as it was over 10 years old and he didn't want it to have a problem while he was out of the state later in the year. Ewing & Ewing Air Conditioning installed a new Rheem 2.5 ton air conditioner in a single day, leaving Robert with peace of mind in knowing that his condo will be safe from temperature and humidity issues during the months that it is unoccupied!

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